BCC Radio

Bristol Community College's Home for the Hits!


We are the #1 College Radio Station on the Bristol Community College Campus. Tune in to hear radio programs produced by the students of Bristol Community College! In between shows you can hear Today’s Top 40 hits and a little bit of yesterday’s favorites here on BCCRadio.

We were founded in 2009 by a small group of students who noticed that BCC, unlike most colleges, was lacking a radio station. They got in contact with now club advisor Keith Thibault about starting a radio station and the rest is history.

Mission Statement
BCCRadio is a college radio station. It has four purposes. The first is to give its staff and volunteer disc jockeys experience working within the radio field. The second is to serve the people of Bristol Community College with public service information. The third is to provide the different varieties of music, allowing all types of genres to be played. The fourth purpose of BCCRadio is to be an outlet for new music from many music genres.

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